A change of plans

So I didn’t climb those 94 steps to my studio yesterday. The night before I awakened feeling both nauseous and lightheaded. I stood up to go downstairs to grab a bowl and immediately knew I needed to lie back down.

The cold floor felt good and I stayed there for several minutes. But I wanted that bowl. I made it to the bottom of the stairs and the next thing I knew I was flat on my back. More concerning, I had peed myself. For a moment I also thought I’d vomited but I realized I was actually foaming at the mouth.

A bit disoriented, I changed out of my wet clothes and went back to bed. In the morning I googled peeing while fainting. There were lots of articles per the reverse–fainting while peeing. And that was when I realized this was likely a seizure.

I emailed Dr. Lin and before very long I had a call from one of my nurses–I was to come in. I grabbed my laptop and a book (just in case) as well as my charging cords. Kumo got dropped off at Susan’s and I drove directly into Boston. And yes, this might not have been the best choice–driving myself–but options are limited when you live alone. Also, note to self, I need to get better about asking for assistance.

Anyway, here I still am. A battery of tests, consults with both onco cardiology and neurology, and thus far, no clue as to cause (it is not thought to be related to the trial drugs). What does seem clear is that I might have had a grand mal seizure.

My guess is that I shall go home with some anti-seizure medication as well as the admonition to remain lying down should I feel lightheaded again. Evidently one of the greatest risks of seizures is injury secondary to falling.

So there you have it. Never a dull moment.

8 responses to “A change of plans

  1. Glad you didn’t injure yourself 🙂

  2. Wow, never a dull moment is right. Another thought: If you ever find yourself that sick or lying on the floor, call the 24 hour nurses phone # ASAP, don’t just email! What a darn mystery! (I hate mysteries because at least if you know what was behind it you can try to do something to avoid it rather than just clobber it with an antiseizure Rx.) Wow, so this is another possibility you have to make contingency planning for. Best hopes, Craig in PA

  3. Oh no 😦 Be safe and try not to be yourself or at least keep your phone close by just in case! Hope you feel better soon:-)

  4. So sorry you’ve had this scary time. Get well soon and take care of yourself xxx

  5. I’m sorry hat you have yet another worry to deal with. My good friend is prone to seizures and what you described sounds exactly what happens to her.

  6. Good grief! Not having a medical mystery would be just the right kind of dull. I hope you have many of those kinds of dull moments. You’re plenty interesting not to need to liven things up!
    Take care, much much love ❤️

  7. Sorry to hear this. Maybe you should think of getting a medical alert device that has fall protection to alert someone else if you fall until they get this figured out. I got one from when i was previously extremely weak sold by Medial Guardian

  8. Please ask.for help!! If I were in same.state, I’d insist you call me. After all you’ve been through and all the grit and strength you’ve shown, you don’t want to die.or even be injured in a car.accident. And how devastating would it be to your friends.that have offered?! You’re just as tough if you ask for.help,and a little.smarter. Sending love and hugs.

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