Daily Archives: November 14, 2020

Toughing it out

Sometimes what doesn’t break you can make you.

This is a blog about embracing the suck.

My mother, Evalynn, was hell on wheels. Smart, sassy and mean as a snake if you didn’t do what she wanted. As a child who was eager to please, that was awfully confusing. That is, until I figured out her modus operandi.

Charming, manipulative, even pleading until that moment where it became clear that I wasn’t going to budge. She schooled me, that one.

I like to say that one of my super powers is not giving a fuck. This is contextual. In truth, I care, really care, about most things. However, my upbringing made me impervious to pleasing those with an agenda.

There was a situation earlier this week that reminded me how polarizing I can be. Fortunately, most people love me (because I love them). However, every now and again, someone dislikes me. To the point of loathing.

Invariably this is an individual who wants something I will not give them. I was talking to my friend Ann about this, trying to understand why that would be so incredibly provocative. It is, she said, because you are so free.

I like that. Perhaps in the eyes of some a character flaw but one I can live with.

And goddamn, I intend to live. So suck it cancer. I’ve got other plans.