Daily Archives: November 3, 2020

Tumble and spill

I am not certain if it is cancer or chemo but I’m still not up to par. Last night I got up in the middle of the night and felt lightheaded so took a little lie down on the bathroom floor. After a few minutes I stood to go back upstairs and promptly fainted.

I came to face planted on the floor—scraped up my back and got a little shiner as well.

This morning I was still under the weather so held the couch down until my civic duty could no longer be ignored. It felt good (and absolutely necessary) to vote. Afterward I stopped at the store for some sustenance. There was a woman in the produce session coughing up a storm and I was doing my best to grab what I needed while avoiding her aerosol path. I tried to score a rotisserie chicken and then promptly dropped the little bugger which exploded into a greasy smear on the floor. I got the attention of the fellows behind the meat counter–apologizing profusely. ‘It kinda looks like road kill’ I said and the guy who was coming to clean up my mess announces ‘chicken down!’ It was all sorta tragicomedic, in a pandemic/election day kind of way.

And now? Well, I’m still holding that couch down while I wait to discover which way democracy is heading.