Daily Archives: November 25, 2020

A differential diagnosis

While in the hospital I had a gamut of tests—neurology and cardiology, top to bottom. At the moment I am sporting a wearable that is recording my heart rate over a period of two weeks.

Thus far, everything (aside from my retinas, a finding which is incidental to binimetinib) has checked out normal. This afternoon I had a virtual consult with a doctor from neurology to review my recent episode. Her suspicion is that I did not, in fact, have a seizure. Instead, she attributes my symptoms to convulsive syncope, which can present as a seizure. This is an important distinction as anticonvulsants are not indicated. However, a cardiac workup, which is already under way, is.

I am relieved but once again, also impressed by the high level of care I receive from my doctors at MGH. Truly extraordinary.