Daily Archives: November 4, 2020

Lessons in love and life

I am, for the most part, a rose-colored glasses sort of girl. Particularly when it comes to my fellow humans, or, as I like to say, my favorite animal.

It has always been my fervent belief that most people are good. I still believe that to be true (and this is not a political commentary), but one of my object lessons over the past few years has been that there are exceptions. Notably so.

Some people just don’t give a shit.

However, that bit of clarion definition aside, I know some really swell folks.

I am still feeling poorly and tomorrow I shall be heading into MGH for a chest x-ray, labs and an exam with my oncologist. Not sure what’s up but it’s certainly not me (that’s a joke).

My friend Annie offered to drive two hours to bring me a bunch of home cooked food. I demurred as some friends who were more local had made similar overtures. Marc delivered sushi and a surprise lobster roll today. Corrie showed up with a box full of amazing treats, (Lucky Charms cereal!) as well as soap and TP. Tom and Nicole took Kumo on a long walk and tomorrow Susan will watch him while I am in Boston.

I absolutely suck at asking for assistance but fortunately I didn’t need to. Dignity and life long neurosis preserved.

For the moment I’m snuggling on the couch with my boyfriend (the heating pad). Kumo is resting comfortably on his settee. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully get the skinny on what’s going on. But in the meantime, I ❤ my friends/community.