TEDX: Patient, Parent, Person, Research Subject

It now seems that immediately after giving my TEDX talk, the world became a heck of a lot more complicated. First, for me personally, as I added chemotherapy to lorlatinib and then transitioned to yet another clinical trial. In the midst of all this I was moving my household, vintage clothing business and studio for the SECOND time in one year. All in all it felt impossible, and that was before the pandemic hit.

So anyway, I never got around to sharing the edited view of my TEDX talk on clinical trials.

If you have fifteen minutes to spare, I believe this information is more pertinent than ever. My friend Janet Freeman Daly just spoke about clinical trials at the IASLC virtual Presidential Forum–I believe that with the current focus on old paradigms and social justice, the world is ready to listen up. In a nutshell, they need us (trials) and we need them but it is a relationship that has historically been both unbalanced and codependent. Let’s challenge and change that.

My talk: TEDX Beacon Hill Linnea Olson

One response to “TEDX: Patient, Parent, Person, Research Subject

  1. Having had the honor and joy of seeing your TEDX talk live, watching it again focuses for me not only the importance of what you and others have been doing and currently do but, how unbelievable that you are all not being completely coveted and compensated for your actions. ✊🏼❤️👈🏼

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