Daily Archives: August 13, 2020

Drop in NSCLC mortality

So that’s a good thing, right?

Well of course it is. However, let’s discuss.

Statistics show that those of us with non small cell lung cancer are living longer. This is attributed in large part to targeted therapies.

I can’t argue with any of that. I expected to die more than a decade ago, but thanks to TKI’s, I’m still here. And fully fucking grateful at my good fortune.

But let’s not fool ourselves. Living longer is a consolation prize.

Yup. It is not even in the same ball park as assuming you will reach old age. Those of us surviving lung cancer are doing it day by day, month by month, and year by year.

Not only does it take courage, it requires an extraordinary amount of grace to be grateful for the short end of the stick. And from time to time I feel compelled to remind others of this fact.

What most can take for granted, those of us living with terminal illnesses hold dear. It’s the difference between being lost in the desert with a full canteen of water and one that is almost empty.

We cannot afford to be wasteful, and yet that impulse to take a big gulp is still there. So yes, grace and self control.

And the ability to savor. Every last drop.