Daily Archives: August 19, 2020

Going to miss all of you

I am starting to find some rhythm in this new way of living. But dang, sometimes virtual just doesn’t cut it.

The annual LUNGevity International Lung Cancer Survivorship Conference (aka HOPE Summit) is this weekend. Sort of, as it will all be online.

The upside is that barriers to participation (travel and cost) have been removed. That’s a really good thing.

However, I am grieving the fact that we can’t all be together.

It’s a feeling like no other to be in the company of my lung cancer family. I get a charge (call it love) that sustains me for months. About six, actually. A biannual conference would suit me just fine.

But not this year.

I’m just going to have to imagine that big group hug. One to go, with love on the side.