Daily Archives: August 20, 2020


Some months ago my oldest son August forwarded a text message he had received from one of his employees:

Its been awhile since I met some like you. Your work ethic is impeccable. Which means whoever raised who was a Beast. Embrace the suck…it’s what made you.’

I loved every word of it, and the way it captured both so much of who my son is as well as his experience.

My kids have not had an easy time, any of them. And yes, I was the ‘Beast’ who raised them although I told August that even though I don’t usually like to share credit, he should send the message to his stepfather as well.

August has embraced the suck, and now he’s prospering. His mama couldn’t be happier or prouder.

My own persistent suck is uncertainty, and I not only embrace, I hug the hell out of it; or rather if.

If. the two letter version of uncertain. Another incredibly impactful word.

My favorite definition is the second one, as I had to read it several times before it made sense.

If looms large in my life. I was discussing financial security with a friend yesterday and said to him ‘If I die, everything is going to be fine,’ and then we both laughed.

It does solve some problems–dying. But it is not the solution I am looking for. If is better–it has wiggle room and possibility.

Of course, if I want to stay, embracing the suck is not sufficient. I am also going to need to work my ass off.

And I’m ok with that.