Kumo and Lily and the very cold day

I like cold weather. 17 °F on a sunny, windless day is my sweet spot. However, this morning it was 14 °F and breezy. Sun shining but after the bone chilling cold of last night (very windy and four degrees colder–no sun) I was not eager to get back out there again this morning.

Unfortunately, Lily and Kumo have not been trained to walk themselves. Didn’t stop me from asking 🙂

Kumo and Lily returned to their sweet spot

7 responses to “Kumo and Lily and the very cold day

  1. Yup…same thing happens at our house! Feeding time gets pretty crazy..this is the last dog I teach to tell time. Exactly 11:00 am the frenzy starts!

  2. Loved the video and your precious dogs! We have 5 dogs. Two fosters who stayed on. But we have a big walled in Arizona yard. I do recall dog walking in NYC for many years however. One dog then.

  3. Awww, I now can relate — I just adopted a sweethart little 5 y.o. SPCA rescue Chihuahua + some-kind-of-terrier mix. Little 7 lbs dogs chill real fast, but I think the head-to-tail burnt orange parka I found for her (matches my own, BTW) will protect her enough. (FWIW, I haven’t picked her new name yet, so in the meantime she’s just Girl, … or maybe Grrrl.)

  4. So adorable!!❤️ My lab loves the cold too! 🐾🐾 💨

  5. Hope you’re doing well today Linnea

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