Unexpected gifts

I had a date with my youngest son, Peter, and his girlfriend Olivia last night. Dinner out and then the William Forsyth exhibition at the ICA. I hadn’t realized it, but admission is free from 5-9 on Thursday evenings so that was a pleasant surprise.

The exhibit itself was mind blowing and delightful—see above. The kids had taken an uber over and as I’d heard parking was a bear, I’d left my car at Alewife and taken the T. As I was looking for my Charlie Card, a young man was heading through the turnstile and he motioned silently for me to follow.

Now, a free admission on public transportation was not necessarily his to give or mine to accept, but I did. As we waited for the bus he was speaking in Spanish to some women I presumed to be co-workers; I am all too familiar with that end of the shift camaraderie. It was also not lost on me that this young man was likely a fairly recent immigrant.

I thought about this country, America, which was not ours to take. I thought about that wall, which is not ours to build. And I thought about this young man, who decided that he would share what was not his to give, but that which he had paid for. Why? Because I was fumbling for my ticket? Because it was late? Because we are both human beings and there was a turnstile between us and our ride home?

Yes, yes and yes.

14 responses to “Unexpected gifts

  1. YES!!
    #LOVE! #LIVE!

  2. lauraharpel1466

    Love reading your posts- you often make me laugh, you sometimes make me cry. You always make me THINK- so grateful to you and FOR you: thanks!

  3. Yes.

  4. Hi! Linnea,
    Exhibit looked amazing! Funny, I was scheduled with my son to see the Warhol exhibit in NYC but work problems, so we are rescheduling. Lot of exhibits on my list but weather is so cold, that I want to hibernate for the winter! Well, you are north of me, so I should not complain. Yes, it’s very heartwarming to have someone reach out & offer a helping hand.. what our leadership should be doing by setting an example! But don’t get me started with politics… spending too much time watching the news & getting depressed about the state of affairs. On the upside, people are getting more involved, more knowledgeable & making a difference by speaking out. So hopefully, this will be all behind us soon!
    I do have a question for you! Someone is connecting me with a doctor who specializes in Chinese herbs.. I’m meeting with him next week. Have you tried any integrative or alternate therapies, like this?

    • Jade, I have gone to Tom Tam, had some acupuncture and reiki here and there, but only when opportunities have arisen—not really part of my regular practice.

      xo Linnea

      • Thanks for your response to my ? about Chinese herbs… I always want to uncover every stone & try anything that might help.. will share if I have any positive results!

  5. Thank you for sharing!

  6. You said it, Linnea: Yes, yes, and yes! Thank you for this!!

  7. xo Linnea

  8. Yes. Thank you for writing this. ❤️

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