While sleeping

I just got back from a week in California, compliments of my friends Wendy and Cristina. More details and photos to follow. But first this.

On the fifth night I dreamt of a black and white woodpecker with wingtips burned to ash. The next morning I was having coffee with Wendy at the table when I looked out the window to where a bird was pulling suet from a feeder. It was a Hairy Woodpecker, just like the one in my dream.

On night six I had a dream that I was dancing. I felt like Shirley Temple in my full skirted dress; jumping and leaping and twirling about. Again and again people would stop to tell me what an amazing dancer I was.

In my waking state I am far from confident per my ability to dance; lack of coordination coupled with an inability to follow direction and a sense of rhythm that is best described as uniquely mine. I dance alone or in the company of alcohol or some other source of disinhibition.

To be able to dance like that in my dreams is almost as good as flying. Perhaps my wings have been singed (after all, I have been flying rather close to the sun) but who’s to say they are not yet airworthy.

Dream on.


12 responses to “While sleeping

  1. Dance alone – Just dance – Life is a dance. And fly as close to the sun as you dare – What’s the worse that can happen – A week in California – They must be great friends – I too love your writing.


  2. Linnea, My “Style” of dance is based on my Tai-Chi training, I really just move to the music. We will need to :”Dance” together as, just as with our Art, there are no Rules to how one chooses to move, yes?

    • My friend Wendy, who I just stayed with, is taking Tai-Chi and it was beautiful to watch her practice. There are no rules, you are so right to remind me 😉

      xo Linnea

  3. I am 62 and dance to embarrass my children and grandchildren.

    • Ha! That used to be my threat…’shall I start an interpretive dance?’. It usually calmed things right down.

      xo Linnea

  4. this sure is poetic 🙂

  5. Cristina Thorson

    Miss you!
    And, did Kumo sneeze upon your return?

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