Some close shaves

Some incredibly high winds blew through the area on Thursday. Upon awakening Friday morning, we discovered that two big pines had fallen and brought a large branch from a maple tree down with them. The whole mess grazed the edge of the house and somehow landed in between the propane tank and the air conditioning unit. A section of the chain link fence was destroyed and one errant branch took out some screens on the porch, but all in all we got lucky. However, David has decided it is time to bite the bullet and pay to have a few more trees removed, as a direct hit would have been devastating.

Friday brought a bit more anxiety, as I got a call back in reference to the mammogram I had on Thursday. I refuse to believe that there is actually an issue, but I will have to go back in on Tuesday for another read.

And then, just before noon I was rushing around to get out the door and rolled my left ankle (the same one which sustained a spiral fracture in 2009) and took a nasty little spill. I limped back inside, iced and elevated, and then decided it was going to be just fine, and I could go run my errand.

It turned out to be a poor decision and by the time I got home I was really hurting. More ice and elevation, but as my discomfort grew, I felt a trip to urgent care might not be a bad idea. However, first I had to help Peter with the last of his application essays. Once the submit button was pushed, David fetched my crutches from the garage and we were off. Three x-rays later it was determined that I’d sprained my ankle and I left with a splint and instructions to check in with my orthopedic surgeon next week—just to make certain that the hardware inside my ankle hasn’t shifted.

And then there’s my head. The chemo cocktail that I am receiving lists hair loss as a potential side effect. At first it seemed as if my follicles might just hang on, but by week two they began to lose their grip. A couple of days ago I came to the conclusion the comb over look had to go. First I snipped off as much as I could with the shears, and then David clean it up with electric clippers. Always a bit of a shock initially, sans hair, but I am actually much more comfortable.

Two bald Linnea's

Two bald Linnea’s

23 responses to “Some close shaves

  1. Wow, what a stretch. You look fabulous, and have lots of good vibes coming your way.

  2. Carolyn Kersten

    you are so cute–with or withour hair! 🙂 🙂
    sorry about your ankle–and another check on Tues! There is always something to “eat up” our time/money in this life. Keep hoping the best for you!

  3. Kathleen Gereghty

    Wonderful picture and you certainly wear that look well. Sorry about the sprain, hope all is ok when you see the ortopedic surgeon.

  4. Linnea, you actually look great without hair (with hair, too, of course!). How about some wigs? There are cheap, nice ones out there. I am planning to buy lots of cool wigs next time I lose my hair. Hope your ankle sprain turn out to be not too bad and you are pain free soon. Love, Yuki

    • Yuki, if I was more fun I’d get some wigs. I am quite lazy when it comes to appearance though—if I’m clean, I’m good to go, so this works for me. Although I’m hoping there’s no need for you to lose your hair anytime soon, I’m certain I will get a kick out of your selection of wigs.

      love, Linnea

  5. Linnea,
    you look fabulous! Take care and hope the other things check out well for you this week. No wigs… go natural. you look amazing xo- Dana

  6. I second the no wigs comment – you look fantastic without hair. The only thing missing is a smile – not a wig.

  7. Cristina Thorson

    What a drag about the ankle and having to go in on Tuesday! (Drag being a way of putting it mildly…). But I have to concur: you look fabu with or without hair. Chica, you can sure carry it off! xoxo

  8. Cristina Thorson

    P.S. Good luck to Peter with the applications!

  9. You look good bald too. Take it easy and let your ankle rest. Good luck on Tuesday.

  10. You have a beautifully shaped head Linnea and you look good without hair. You wouldn’t slow down when I told you, so now your body is insisting. Hope the ankle isn’t too painful. You deserve some chocolate!

  11. Never a dull moment, Linnea! As to the close shave, you have worn that look to great effect in the past. I recommend a Russian fur hat for the outdoors. Hope that ankle heals quickly.

    • Joan, I actually had a Russian fur hat, that my father bought in Russia. It was kind of snug and I think I gave it to Jemesii. Now that I have no hair, it likely would have fit quite nicely. Hard to plan ahead for these things!


  12. sexy indeed

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