Oh yeah. I might not have noticed if one of my friends had not brought it to my attention. Yup. Just kinda snuck in there—fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 45. Now I’m 60.

Mind blowing, all of it. Were I not social isolating and frankly so damn depressed, I’d throw a party. I guess we’re just going to have to call a raincheck.

This coming year may be the diciest yet when it comes to survival but there will be no throwing in of the towel here. Just going to have to work on some new coping mechanisms. I have gone on record saying I like a challenge…although a global pandemic was not exactly what I had in mind.

Anyway, big love to all of you. Literally could not do this without you and I am imagining one giant virtual group hug.


14 responses to “FIFTEEN

  1. Virtual group hug! To you, my family, friends, and all of your friends who follow your blog!

  2. Fifteen years is amazing ! — Thank you for all you’ve done for our community. When this passes we ALL need to do something to celebrate!!

  3. Big love right back at you. I’m part of this huge virtual hug_ hugging you so tight!

  4. Yes! We are all sending our love & support & a big hug!

  5. Gwen Manovich


  6. Mary Wasserman

    Considering the untold thousands of people you’ve met or inspired or helped out over the last 15 years, this will be one gigantic virtual hug.

    Keep on flying the colors for lung cancer patients. (I have a mental image of you on horseback, Joan of Arc-like, waving our flag…) xo maryw

  7. Xxxx Happy Anniversay

  8. Erika Hlavacek

    Happy “15” Linnea. I will see you again when this is all done. Put me on your hug list.

  9. Whoaw! You really rock. I have just started on my journey (3months ago) and you are already 15 years on your way. God bless you.

  10. Tracy Cushing

    15 YEARS!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!! While we have never met, I watch from afar as you carry on like a WARRIOR!! I’m always informed, encouraged and feel so grateful to you for paving the way for so many of us. Thank you Linnea for enriching our lives. You are amazing and we are all sending you love & GIANT ((HUGS))

  11. Linnea, we met in DC many years ago. We had the full pneumonectomy in common. My traveling companion Lori Tassin was probably more memorable. Anyway, I marvel at the fact that you even bother to share all of this with the rest of us! After 10 years of my own living with ALK+ lung cancer, I can count the days where I would have just said – hell no- and rolled over.
    I admire your undaunting spirit and pray that we both have a long run. Thank you for sharing this trying experience with us. Love, Gail ❤️

  12. Renée Dubois

    you changed the world for so many of us by just being you. Thank you. Big virtual hug back and hope to meet you again in Singapore in January 2021….

  13. There is definitely one big hug from me over the pond xxxxx

  14. Yes, 15. Imagine: you’ve now lived as many years AFTER cancer dx as your whole time between age 30 and that dx. Quite a lifetime.

    Take heart – this stupid virus was only discovered about 17 weeks ago, and while it’s far from over, it does look like distancing does flatten the curve. And predictably, it takes 2-3 weeks for the effect to show up in the numbers. I’ll be posting something about that tonight I hope.

    Bottom line is, there *is* an “after” to this, so it’s credible to just GET TO THE OTHER SIDE of this so it again becomes merely outliving LC, not also fuckn COVID19.

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