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Curbing my enthusiasms

Because I am by nature an enthusiast, my tendency is toward involvement. Our children’s schools, committees of all sorts, online communities and personal projects. I write, speak when asked, and volunteer my time. One of my personal mottos is ‘complacency equals complicity’. If you care, don’t just sit there; do something.

And lately, as my husband pointed out, my level of activity has really ramped up. I have been doing more and sleeping less, when I should probably be doing less and sleeping more.

Over the weekend an unexpected opportunity came our way, as President Obama made a campaign stop in Nashua. David, Peter, my stepmother Carolyn– visiting from Texas and a registered republican but also a good sport– and I were part of a crowd of 8,500 who turned out in force to listen to our commander in chief. As we waited, we were treated to a brief concert and commentary by James Taylor; his spoken word just as thoughtful and entertaining as the music.

President Obama takes the stage (white shirt, center: look closely!)

Zooming in for a closer look

Then President Obama stepped up to the podium to a thunder of applause; his remarks delivered with passion, urgency and eloquence. We were privileged to be in the audience for what felt like an historic moment. However, I had not realized that we would be on our feet the entire time; over four hours. Fortunately Carolyn was able to find a seat in the seemingly full bleachers. In her seventies, she is crippled from severe rheumatoid arthritis and has had both hips replaced.  A lovely gentleman offered to move over so she could squeeze in beside him. It simply didn’t occur to me to try to find a seat as well, and I’m pretty sure I would not have garnered much sympathy even if I’d tried. The thing is, I look quite healthy.

All things considered, I remain incredibly able. However, I need to accept that on occasion my intentions outstrip my actual stamina. Perpetual motion is a hard habit to break, but there are times when I should simply grab a chair (or a bleacher!) and sit for a spell. Acknowledgement of my limitations is not a sign of weakness, but rather common sense. I’m working on it!