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Before moving on down the trail…

Time to tell my tale. It begins with a prelude: a couple of weeks ago I received an unexpected parcel from California. Inside were some fresh coffee beans from Peets as well as an assortment of other gourmet goodies, and a woodchuck (aka: groundhog, land-beaver, whistle-pig). Or, rather, a plush woodchuck puppet. The senders were my friends Leslie and Rob. I met Leslie last spring at the National Lung Cancer Partnership Advocacy Summit. We discovered that her husband Rob and I shared a diagnosis of NSCLC as well as an ALK mutation. Some weeks later, I was able to make Rob’s acquaintance when he and Leslie came to the Boston for a second opinion regarding his treatment. We all went out to lunch (Rob’s sister joined us), and it quickly became apparent that the four of us had so much else in common and a friendship was born.

Well, much as I have my white circles, my eleven elevens, my lucky charm and other talismans, Rob and Leslie have a woodchuck. It is an old family tradition (with perhaps just a bit of cheek) to point the woodchuck in the direction of those needing a dose of good fortune. They decided it was time for me to have my very¬†own woodchuck. I’ll introduce him soon. But first, a picture Leslie took of Rob and his whistle pig (who seems to be partaking of a bit of infusion):

Here's looking at you, Rob!













Leslie and Rob write a blog together which can be found at:


It is illustrated with Leslie’s amazing photos and is a diary of Rob’s diagnosis and treatment as well as a glimpse of their full and adventurous lives. The blog is generous, smart and so much fun; just like Rob and Leslie.