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R.I.P. Olive Pimento

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On Saturday our family lost a very important member. While on a walk with Jemesii, Jamie and her sister Kala, Olive was attacked by a large mixed breed dog who had broken free of a rope to which it was tethered. Although rushed to first a local vet and then, after being stabilized, Tufts Veterinary Hospital, Olive could not be saved. To have her gone, the victim of an unprovoked and vicious attack, is inconceivable.

David, Peter and I cannot be consoled, Jemesii and Jamie are heartbroken, Kala is left bewildered and confused. Olive had captured the affections of many in her short lifetime, and Jemesii’s wall on facebook is littered with stricken condolences.

Not merely a beloved pet, Olive filled the role of therapy dog. Two years ago, when Olive was yet a puppy, Jemesii was grappling with some insurmountable issues, not the least of which was an anxiety so profound she had become almost housebound. Olive immediately became Jemesii’s constant companion, and her intuitive responsiveness to Jem’s emotions was astounding. A wet nose, soft pink tongue and the most soulful eyes you could imagine provided solace and unconditional love when Jemesii needed it most. Caring for Olive, Jemesii learned how to care for herself again.

And so, when we heard what had happened, I feared this fresh trauma might be more than Jemesii could handle.

I should have known better. My daughter is a survivor through and through. Tinsel and steel she is; glittery and somewhat fragile on the outside, but tough as nails when push comes to shove. She knows the places a hurt like this could send her, but she is absolutely determined to not let that happen. Having come so far, Jemesii feels she owes a good deal of her recovery to what is now the sweetest memory ever:  Olive Pimento Delande. Rest in peace, my little grand-dog.

(photos by the best dog mama ever: Jemesii Delande)