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All in a day’s work

Today is World Lung Cancer Day.

I don’t do days. Weeks, yes. Better yet, fifteen fucking fabulous years and counting.

Life wants to live, and I’ve had a good long time to get in touch with my survival instinct.

The last six months have tried me. A global pandemic and some gnarly side effects. Too much time alone with not a hell of a lot going on in the excitement department.

That’s alright. It’s been a fresh challenge. I’ve whipped those side effects into almost total submission. And, more importantly, I am learning once again to take joy in the sublime.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually get easier—surviving. Which means we have to get stronger.

My goal is to continually lead a more purposeful life. I can be a bit of a wastrel and frankly, this brave new world came with no guidebook. I have maxed out on diversions. The good thing about a short attention span is that even the bad habits get old fast and I’m ready to get serious again.

But not too serious. I’ve got a blonde buzz cut, a space between my front teeth, a hell of an attitude and lung cancer. My disease is not, and never will be, me.

Live, Love, Learn, Linnea


Worn and worn again

When I was younger I hated losing anything. I feel this had something to do with my high level of anxiety—and a fear of the unknown. I actually preferred breaking an object to losing it—because the outcome was not an uncertainty.

Life has dealt me a hefty dose of apprehensive scenarios. I am almost comfortable with unknown outcomes.

However, when it comes to living, I have some definite preferences. Not lost, not broken, but rather worn. Ridden to the bone. Worn out—all the way out.

That is my goal.

Yes. I have made it to sixty—once unascertainable. With any luck (and some formidable science), I shall be here for a few more years. Five would be most excellent, ten splendid, twenty, well…one can dream. Age is not an issue, rather it is most decidedly the objective.

Gray hair, wrinkles, jowls…bring it. All of it. My body is a vehicle and I intend to run that odometer right into the ground.