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Yes, they have physical therapy just for that

pelvic floor isolation001

The pelvic floor dysfunction which I described some weeks ago has not abated—I skipped the pap smear at my annual exam so as not to exacerbate the situation. And I cancelled a scheduled cystoscopy, which the urologist wanted to perform due to the fact that when I have a urinary tract infection, I present with blood. However, this is not a new symptom, and I don’t really believe it is indicative of anything serious.

Fortunately, there is physical therapy available for issues arising in the pelvic floor. It would seem there is a great demand for it, given the amount of time I had to wait for my initial appointment.

Anyway, I had no idea what to expect. Fortunately, we were given a private room as my first appointment included an internal exam. As she talked me through the examination, the physical therapist was somehow able to make this potentially awkward situation less so. More importantly, she confirmed that my pelvic floor is indeed hypertonic:  I am experiencing  uncomfortable spasticity as a result of chronically tight muscles. She then guided me through repetitions of alternately tightening and then relaxing my pelvic floor. For those of us who had long been implored to practice our kegels, (which I remember to do three or four times a year at most), the notion of relaxing that particular muscle group was rather novel.

However, given my level of discomfort and my reticence about adding muscle relaxants into the mix, I am motivated. Off to practice!