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Virtual gala-ing

It’s a thing now, right?

If you missed the Israel Cancer Research Ribbons of Hope Gala, you can see it here in its entirety.

Should you wish to blow through (which of course I do not advise), yours truly makes a quick appearance at 25 min. But then you’d miss all the other amazing presenters. My friend Rob Densen and his grandson Jack, Jason Alexander, Eugene Levy, Bryan Cranston, etc…etc… Good stuff, all. And important. So very proud to be part of this amazing organization that is going after that beast we all call cancer.


ICRF Ribbons of Hope Virtual Gala

As I have mentioned before, I am a board member for the Israeli Cancer Research Fund. Historically, gala’s have been an important source of funding for the ICRF. However, due to the pandemic, this year’s gala will be virtual.

It is also free to attend (registration required), clothing optional (you will be in the privacy of your own home) and hosted by Jason Alexander (with guest appearances by Eugene Levy! Tom Brokaw! Bryan Cranston!). It promises to be both a lively and inspiring evening and I urge all of you to join us. And should you have the means to do so, please consider placing a bid and or making a donation to this most excellent of causes.

Register here 🙂 and Happy Wednesday.

PS: Here is a photo of me with my dear friend and ICRF President Rob Densen at the live gala last November. This evening should be almost as much fun 😉


Living with lung cancer:

For those who were unable to register for the event, here is the video from ICRF–LIVING WITH LUNG CANCER: A LOOK AT PROMISING CANCER THERAPIES.