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News Flash

The episode of Dr. Oz for which Diane, Eileen and I were interviewed will air tomorrow. Click here for a link to your local times. Don’t take any restroom breaks, or you might miss it.

Update:  I was at the orthodontist with Pete when it aired, but you can see the show on the Dr. Oz website now as well. Just so you know, they asked us all to look sad and serious at one point (contemplative). Happens to me sometimes, but I usually try to avoid it, particularly when being filmed, as it is not my most flattering facial expression.

But enough about me! Diane and Eileen, you were great. Still think I could’ve squeezed in there, (oops, me again) but you betrayed no semblance of stage fright and both looked lovely. It was more than swell of you to make the effort to travel back and forth to NYC for the taping (on a messy winter day), and for showing the viewers an unexpected face of lung cancer.

And a belated thank you to Dr. Oz as well. It’s great to have media paying long due attention to lung cancer, and to help dispel the myth that only smokers are at risk for the cancer with the highest mortality rate.

One more update: Eileen was interviewed on the local Fox 25 news yesterday, and was able to tell much more about her story–which is amazing. Click here to view that segment.