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This crazy life of mine

So I had to skip my dinner with friends Sunday night (shrimp! lobster! pear frangipane pie!) and my date on Monday as my GI tract had other ideas. Given that diarrhea (yes, that kind of trouble) is now an established symptom of COVID19, my oncologist asked that I get a third test.

This one was a trip—drive to an urgent care clinic in Lawrence on Monday (last time I went to New Hampshire), park in a special spot and call to say I was there. Within minutes a nurse in a hazmat suit came out and the swab was inserted in my nasal passages through the window of my car. A few hours later, I had results (negative).

Yesterday I drove an hour to Waltham for my lab work. I got there early as I had a half an hour meeting first. I also had a zoom conference at noon with some other advocates but I was spent—so apologies were made and a nap ensued instead. Goddess Susan fetched Kumo at 5 pm.

I was up at 4 am today (I like an alarm clock as much as I like a leaf blower) to make sure I was at least somewhat organized. I will need to leave for Boston around 6:30 am for my next infusion. I am hoping that having my blood work yesterday will speed up this process as I serve on a panel for precision medicine at 2 pm (zoom) and another meeting (zoom) at 3:45. With any luck I’ll make it home first but it is highly likely that I shall be convening from the hospital and maybe even my infusion chair. It shall add a touch of authenticity 🙂 .

Kumo has his teeth cleaned (under anesthesia) tomorrow and Susan will drop him off but I will pick him up later in the day. There will be some convalescing chez Linnea on Thursday and Friday.

I am prepared for the onset of mucositis again—but hoping that depression stays away. However, from the empiric standpoint, if my mood suddenly goes south I think it’s safe to say it is a side effect of DS-1062a.