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Utmost vigilance

I feel as if I have taken reasonable precautions since the news of this pandemic first broke. Masked, hands sanitized, avoiding most indoor spaces. Initially, I continued to meet friends for a meal as long as we could dine outside. I would also go hiking or for a walk at the beach, or ride in the car with someone with the windows rolled down.

The riskiest outings I took were likely to thrift stores, but only those that were rigid about mask wearing and six feet of space between customers. Interestingly, those venues have been far less crowded than the grocery store, another place I continued to frequent.

However, I am hunkering down. The newest strain of the COVID-19 virus, first identified in the UK, is much more contagious. My health care providers urged caution, and one of them even gave me a gift certificate to Hello Fresh, one of the meal services that drops recipes and ingredients at your door.

Of concern to me is the fact that I have gotten sick not once but twice in the past few weeks. First the flu and now either strep throat (waiting on a culture) or a virus. Both times I was also tested for COVID and was, fortunately, negative. However, if I can be walking around with a mask and constantly sanitizing my hands and still get sick, I suddenly feel a whole lot more vulnerable.

My studio is a safe space and there is no way to avoid going to the hospital, but aside from that, until that vaccine is ready (my team said it could yet be months), then I am going to be extra, extra careful. And I think you probably should be as well.


Oh joy

Kumo and I took a drive into Boston today for a masked meet-up with two out of my three kids. We traipsed around Cambridge looking for a restaurant that was open for takeout and made it to a splendid BBQ place just as a downpour began. Fortunately they had a tented area for outdoor seating, were dog friendly, and we had the patio to ourselves.

Lunch was fantastic (pulled pork sanny with smashed potato salad and Angels & Cowboys Rose—yum!) and the company, top of the line.

Damn I’ve missed my family. Seeing each other entails some risk (the table wasn’t six feet across) but in this ongoing pandemic, we have to make some calculated calls. And spending time with my kids is something I am willing to go out on a limb for.

Until next time!