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That sort of sick where you just don’t want to make any movement. Because then you’ll feel the covers on your skin.

Whatever clobbered me on Christmas Eve is clobbering me still. Slowly worse day by day until yesterday, when I just felt like I couldn’t keep my eyes open. And that my legs were encased in cement. I took my temperature and it was 100.5.

My nurse Ally called me and we decided we’d see how I was doing today. Worse, not better. Diarrhea and a persistent low grade fever.

We decided there was no way around a COVID test so I drove to Boston. The nasal swab and a urinalysis. When I got home there were eight bags of groceries outside my back door (thank you Melinda). Despite Tylenol my temperature continued to rise–up to 101.3 this evening.

Fortunately I have no respiratory symptoms. Last night, in that funny head space that a fever brings on, I was imagining that whatever this illness is, it was a cure for cancer. That’s what you call looking on the bright side :).

Hopefully I will get the results of the COVID test back tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m curled up on the couch with my weighted blanket and a heating pad.


Down the hatch

The deed is done; I’ve had my first dose of both lorlatinib and binimetinib. It was all rather anticlimactic, this fifth trial. Sweet, (got two of my favorite nurses back on board), short and efficient.

Afterward I dropped the cake and birthday presents off to my eldest. We air hugged and I hit the road. Forty five minutes later a quick walk for Kumo, then I stripped off the clothes I wore to the hospital and showered (the ritual), and now I’m enjoying a piece of cake for lunch (Happy Birthday Jemesii!).

In a moment I’m crawling into bed with my heating pad. Hopefully I’ll have a nice nap but not before reciting some magic cancer killing incantations. We’ve got work to do, my body and I. Best get right to it.