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So this is exciting. In the spirit of trying new (and sometimes groundbreaking) things, there is going to be a Linnea Olson Hackathon.

What’s this, you ask? Well, a novel approach to coming up with treatment options. Suggested to me by my friend Bryce Olson, engineered by my (new) friend Brad Power and CancerHacker Lab, it will involve a release of all my data, an attempt to refine what we already know (blood biopsies) and a major crowdsourcing effort.

Invitations are going out but anyone is welcome—I would love to have some patients onboard. There is a launch tomorrow (4/9) in the form of a zoom meeting at noon EST. If you would like to join, indicate so here or shoot me a message and I shall send you the link (we are doing it this way for logistical purposes; I apologize for making you jump through a hoop). If you can’t make it tomorrow but still want to be involved, follow the link and sign up—this is not a one off.

And if you simply want to watch, that’s fine too. I shall be posting developments here and hopefully we all will learn something new.

To science—outside of the box!