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August: looking back

August and Peter: the hug goodbye

Over too soon, the whirlwind week with our boy August has come to an end. We packed a lot into seven days: quick trips to Boston and Ipswich as well as an overnighter in New Bedford, where David, Peter and August went fishing and blue crabbing both (we feasted on their haul Saturday night). We hung with Jemesii and Jamie and their pups Kala and Fig in New Bedford and on Friday, we all went south to Providence, Rhode Island for dinner at an amazing Ecudorean restaurant, Los Andes. We swam in the pool, went on walks, watched a movie, worked out at the YMCA and stopped at Salvation Army to pick through LP’s (August DJ’s and makes his own electronic music).

On Saturday, August and Peter not only washed my car, they detailed it.

It was amazing to have all three of my kids in the same place at the same time, if only for a short while. Aug flew back to Colorado early Monday morning and saying goodbye was really, really difficult. It is hard to let go, to not covet. However, we’ve encouraged independence and self resilience and the lesson took. ┬áTime together is no longer a presumption; it has become a privilege; hence all the more precious.

Two thirds of my progeny