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Don’t call me partner

Warning: this may be the most contentious blog I’ve ever written. That is because I am about to desecrate a sacred cow–the idea of patient as a partnerĀ in medical research. Lovely in notion, the reality is something quite different and … Continue reading


Just another way in which I am between a rock and a hard place. I need pharma. Obviously, they have also needed me. Or, at least, someone else with a similar genetic profile and the balls to join first in … Continue reading

Parsing the protocol

I’m as a big a fan as anyone when it comes to medical research. Without the opportunity to participate in clinical trials, I would have been dead years ago. However, I think it is a misperception to imply that accrual … Continue reading

Hitting that glass ceiling

I had to be in Boston bright and early yesterday morning for an echocardiogram. The technician noted that this was my 36th echo, and that she thought that was probably a record. Honey, don’t get me started. I’m in the … Continue reading

The financial toxicity that is part of staying alive

Cancer is big business. Yep, I said it. What is a devastation for us, as individuals, is an opportunity for others. I have sat in on meetings where that word opportunity was bandied about as if I, an opportunity myself, … Continue reading

Terminal, incurable, alive.

It’s a heady mix. You have advanced cancer which is, by definition, both incurable and terminal. And yet, thanks to ‘the wonders of modern medicine’, you’re alive–aka–not dead yet. Because you prescribe to not just a glass half full but … Continue reading

Dear Pharma;

For all but one of the past seven years I have served as a peer reviewer for the CDMRP. It is perhaps the toughest form of advocacy that I have undertaken but also one of the most rewarding. I never … Continue reading

A Bear behind

I’ve been gone for awhile now and I feel a stranger in my own blog. I apologize for such an extended silence—I know that in this community the lack of an update is worrying. So let me start by saying … Continue reading

Tales from the hood

So what’s been going on here aside from swimming laps and the eating of greens? We had a lovely Fourth of July. After dropping Peter at a party, David and I picked up our dinner at a farm stand. I … Continue reading

Cancer is my day job

And sometimes I just have to call in sick. I take this blog seriously; so much so, that even though there is no time card to punch and no pay check at the end of the month, I really feel … Continue reading