Daily Archives: August 12, 2021


A fourth generation ALK inhibitor provided to me by Turning Point Therapeutics through compassionate use.

At 1:30 pm today I took the first dose. Before handing me the tiny tablet (it is one mg), Dr. Lin and my nurse Heather performed a little ritual—a blessing of sorts. And then, down the hatch.

By Dr. Lin’s estimate I am the third person in the world to take this drug (it is in clinical trial in Australia) and therefore it is impossible tp predict side effects.

Truthfully, I am far more interested in efficacy. And the thing is, if this experimental therapeutic is going to be effective for me, I may know very soon. Likewise if there is no response.

After dosing I hung out at the hospital for an additional two hours of observation. I squeezed in my second nap of the day (I had been there since 7:30 am) and when I awakened I just had this sense that something was going on in my body. Something good.

So light some candles. Cross some fingers. Have a chat with the universe on my behalf.