My niece Brandi kindly brought this to my attention: two different instagram accounts are pretending to have a relationship with me in order to shill t-shirts. Like I have time for a stolen identity right now.

Brandi reported both accounts to Instagram but they were not removed. I have reported them to Instagram as well. In the meantime, these are the fraudulent accounts which are pretending to have some connection to me. I have no association whatsoever with this scam and am appalled that someone would traffic on a cancer diagnosis. And, for all I know, there are more out there. Not me’s.

7 responses to “Stolen

  1. Linnea,
    Despicable actions. Hope they learn one day, what their actions have done.

    How are you feeling?❤️

  2. Oh no, Linnea! That totally sucks.

  3. This is endlessly upsetting! I find it so hard to comprehend anyone dong this.

  4. So sorry! I’ve been following your latest journey into trials but have had a hard time logging on to Word Press!

  5. Linnea – this is beyond terrible. I’m contacting Instagram for you if that is ok?? Cindy Lang-Caditz

  6. What the …?! That’s awful! I hope you’re successful in getting them removed. Horrible of those pretenders to use your story that way.

  7. I left the second account a comment stating they stole your story. The first one did not come up in a search. How low will people go.

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