I’ve been on mute

I have been a little quiet, a situation my sons called attention to. They’re good that way, my boys.

The truth is, I’ve got a lot on my mind. Trying to figure some stuff out, with a whole heck of a lot going on.

First and foremost is the hackathon, and I shall provide a detailed accounting of progress made thus far soon. In the meantime I have been learning more about this beast inside me, thanks to full genomic profiling by Foundation Medicine and Lucence. Both companies generously donated their services, as part of the group effort to come up with some therapeutic options for me. Thus far nothing actionable, but rather some intriguing details that may have a bearing on choices made.

I’m learning a lot, and am overwhelmed by both the interest and generosity of engaged parties–both individuals and entire companies. But it has also kicked me into thoughtful mode. Not a bad thing. Just a quiet thing 😉

2 responses to “I’ve been on mute

  1. That means it’s time to make more Art❤️👈🏼✊🏽

  2. It’s ok to hit the mute button every now & then……you are regrouping! Sending love💕

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