Daily Archives: April 18, 2021


I cannot do cancer all the time. Given the fact that I never intended to spend a moment with the big C, this is not so remarkable.

However, cancer has a way of screaming ME ME ME.

Ignoring it is not an option. Seeing it lurking over in the corner but carrying on as if it is not in the room is.

Two weeks after my second vaccine I began to get a taste of life as I remembered it. Suddenly I could hang out with friends who were also post vaccine. Cooking dinner for Jim. Fried clams at Woodman’s in Essex with Bill. A weekend in Maine with Annie. Aperol Spritz’, oysters, great wine and lemon linguine at Marc’s. Dinner, dog walks and blood draws (really) with Diane. And a visit from my friend Bradshaw–who drove eight hours to get here–along with his pooch Lulu.

Balm for an extrovert’s soul.

In the meantime, the Linnea hackathon continues; I’ve submitted plasma for genetic sequencing and on Friday I presented my medical history.

Interesting times, these. I am grateful that I feel better sans side effects and that I can now interact with a select few of my fellow humans. And that spring is coming at us. Which will soon be followed by summer.

It is all reason to be optimistic.