Daily Archives: March 19, 2021

Proud of this

It has been almost two years since I began working for Medidata as a paid consultant. It is a task that I find stimulating, gratifying and rewarding. Work that I am proud of.

Alicia Staley, a cancer survivor herself, created the Patient Design Team in 2019 and brought me on board.

Unlike so many panels I have been asked to sit on, or visits to pharmaceutical companies, this is not a one off. We are a cohesive team that has slowly grown and which will eventually have fifteen patient advocates. Alicia and T. J. Sharpe–who was originally a member of the team but is now a Medidata employee–have created a fun but also incredibly meaningful experience for our group. We feel respected–seen and heard–but even better, truly regarded as experts on the patient experience. Medidata, ‘the global leader in creating end-to-end solutions to support the entire clinical development process‘ is providing us with the opportunity to help design their product. It is an innovative approach that was recently recognized by industry, as Alicia and her initiative took a first prize in the 2021 Scope Participant Engagement awards.

You can see the (short!) winning video here with footage from our last in person meeting. Please take a gander. And Alicia, please take a bow. You rock.