Daily Archives: March 6, 2021

Ok but not

I will be ok.

But not today. Today I am taking a break from everything’s fine. Because I truly am not. Not ok with split fingertips, pustular acne, bowels that are hopelessly confused by the addition of iron.

Nausea, which has me running for a bowl at least once a week. Mouth sores. Blisters on my eyeballs, which admittedly I didn’t even know were there until my retinal exam on Thursday and yet are serious enough that I’m out of another treatment option.

That. Another dead end.

But really, did I want to continue with all these troublesome side effects? In my heart of hearts, I did not. But I also preferred the idea of me being the one to initiate the break up.

However, I am looking forward to smooth skin, hands that don’t hurt, my tongue and gums not riddled with sores. And eyes that keep on seeing–that one is very important.

I received my second COVID vaccine several hours ago–something I am so very grateful for. As I developed a low grade fever after the first one I imagine I’ll be laying low tomorrow.

And then on Monday, a trip to Boston and some interesting discussion as to what happens next.