Daily Archives: January 22, 2021

When you know your life is fucking special

It’s a Friday night, and you are about to prepare your dinner, compliments of Hello Fresh and one of your oncologists. Next week’s box has been paid for by a scientist who helped discover the first molecule you were in clinical trial for. He has followed your story ever since, and along the way, you have become friends. He, like your oncologist, has a vested interest in keeping you alive. He has said that he shall be paying for Hello Fresh until two weeks after your second vaccine. This is personal.

You are sipping a rum cocktail concocted with a mixer sent in a gift package from a close friend in the Virgin Islands.

Yesterday, another dear friend (who you met online dating, of all places) brought you a pound of photos and a beautiful silk Cambodian scarf. Said friend is a (cough, cough) famous photographer and you could never afford to purchase one of his prints. This is a beyond amazing gift.

After dinner, you will be having a film fest. Another online dating find (Annie, dear Annie) is an experimental filmmaker and a formidable human being. In the last year she has become one of the most important people in your life. The two of you are going to write and produce an opera together. But tonight you’re going to watch the movies on her website first.

While preparing dinner you’re texting with two of your kids. One of them wants to borrow your dog and the other just qualified for a loan to buy his first house.

Dinner is delicious, as is your companion, a copy of Moby Dick. You text kid number three to ask if she’s ever read it and her response is ‘many times.’ Who knew. She is a wonder, then and now.

My little white dog sleeps at my feet. He, BTW, like so much in my life, was a gift–from the universe. Rescued, by my friend Brian and I. Returned to his family only to run away again. Fortunately, I had left my number with them and a phone call was placed to me asking if I wanted him. He is, after a bit of rehabilitation (not a bit, a lot) the best dog in the world.

So life is good. Fuck cancer. And all those other challenges? You can kiss my ass. This girl had a 57% response. To some, that may not sound like enough. But to me? It is everything.