Daily Archives: January 17, 2021

Shout out

A nice article in WebMD about lung cancer blogs. Mine is highlighted, along with those of my friends Janet Freeman Daly and Lisa Goldman. Also mentioned are the mutation specific groups on Facebook.

Janet relates that at one time she kept a list of all the lung cancer blogs, but now there are too many to do so and this is a good thing. I concur. Back when I started my blog (2009) there wasn’t a whole lot out there. It is wonderful to see so many people sharing their experiences.

Although the title of the article refers to the best blogs, I feel the take away is that the best blog is actually the one that clicks for you.

I started mine because the only other blogs I could find at that time were heavily faith inspired and I wanted the world to know that an irreverent atheist had a fighting chance at survival as well. It was also not lost on me that I had access to some cutting edge care, and that if I could share what I had learned, perhaps it could help others as well.

What I never counted on was how much writing a blog would do for me, the author. Or how it would assist me in building community.

Write on!