Success confirmed

Although I don’t have actual RECIST measurements back from the trial radiologist, I do have the assessment of my two oncologists. A “Wow, they do look great!” and a “‘Flipping amazing’ just about sums it up.” And then there was my friend Dr. Jack West’s comments from twitter, which I don’t imagine he would object to my sharing:

Yesterday was all about personal celebration, but today I thought about the greater impact. When I entered this trial, I was advised that the best response had been stability. Although that wasn’t going to be good enough, it was what I was going for. Today I confirmed with Dr. Lin that my scans likely represent between a 50% and 70% response. Which is a heck of a departure from stability. I also confirmed that up until yesterday, stability was still the best overall response.

Today I imagined researchers, other cancer patients, and even pharma execs doing the happy dance. This is so much more than a personal victory–a response of this magnitude represents capital H Hope.

So yeah, this a BFD. And I couldn’t be more pleased.


15 responses to “Success confirmed

  1. I think everyone involved with your trial should be doing the happy dance! Of course, we are doing it for YOU as well!

  2. Linnea!!!!!
    This is miraculous news!!!
    I can’t imagine how fantastic you are feeling!!!
    We love yo dearly!!


  3. Great News!! Congratulations!

  4. Woohoo! Your perseverance has paid off! Way to go!


    Sent from Dawn Horner’s iPhone


  5. Congratulations! Awesome news. So happy for you!
    Happy New Year indeed!

  6. You are a groundbreaker in many ways Linnea!❤️✊🏽

  7. Linnea you must be ecstatic! Time after time you rise. Thank you so much for all of the hope you give us.

  8. Can you win a trial? It sounds like you’re in first place! Congratulations!!!

  9. So encouraging!

  10. I am so happy for you. That is not only amazing trial-wise or medical, it is amazing in the tone of your message. It is a tremendous change.

  11. Congratulations on this success, but you are correct this success is for all of us…we are so appreciative for all you’ve done Linnea!

  12. GREAT NEWS!!! you’re on lorlatinib, right? ANd something else? Ive had brain tumors (13) treated once and a few of them are growing back. I tried Lorlatinib and the side effects were more that unpleasant. Is that drug treating you well?


  13. So fabulous.!

  14. That’s amazing. I’m 5 yr on stable, it would be nice to be more than just stable. Hope is everything. Thank you for sharing your hope. It matters. Congratulations to all involved, especially you.

  15. Virtual celebrations and happy dances for these fantastic results. WOO HOO!!!

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