My friend Kique sent me this wonderful alpaca hat from Peru. Kique is Peruvian and we met when I spent two weeks in Lima with A Fresh Chapter.

This hat is wonderful. As is my friend Kique. My hair is growing back very slowly, and this splendid chapeau keeps my little head warm.

I apologize for my outfit in the photo–due to illness, this has been pajama week. Generally I wear clothes in public which in 2020, means sweat pants and hoodie. So I have temporarily downgraded.

Anyway I took the photo to send to Kique but then I realized how well this hat highlights my Sami lineage. The Sami are the indigenous people of Sweden, Finland, Russia and Norway. And through the strange workings of genealogy, I appear straight up Sami.

In reality, I am only 1/2 Swedish. But I would argue 100% Sami.

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