Daily Archives: December 20, 2020

This one’s going to be different.

Christmas, that is. The plan was that I was to take a road trip to Toledo again with Peter and Kumo. August turns 35 on the 21st so we would celebrate his birthday and then Christmas. However, my medical team was pretty adamant about this being a bad idea.

I spent yesterday making a carrot cake for the birthday boy and wrapping presents/putting together stockings. Then I loaded it all into my sleigh along with Kumo, who is going to Toledo without me so that Peter has company and Kumo has an adventure. Dog, cake and presents were all deposited in Cambridge and the boys hit the road this morning. This is the first of what I hope are lots of images documenting their visit:

I am disappointed that I can only partake in the celebration from afar but also happy that my boys will be together. We shall zoom and make the best of it.

Strange times, these.

Today I shall tidy (see below–a little mishap during the frosting phase). Tomorrow and much of the rest of the week shall be devoted to art. I might be a bit lonely but also safe. Which is better than sorry. But I am sorry. And sad. This is not how we are supposed to spend the holidays.