Daily Archives: December 12, 2020

Oh you all

Are just the very best.

Really, truly, spectacular.

Over the last year you have quietly taken care of me in the most amazing ways possible. Meals (in and out), massages, chocolate, flowers. Produce, groceries, coffee, a zen garden. Lemons, from a tree that was a gift from your father. A ceramic mug with a lion face, made by you. Vodka. Devil dogs. Gift cards. Cookies. Jewelry, a weighted blanket, warm scarf, and the best homemade ginger cookies ever. Music, money, socks, CDs, DVDs. Pisco, rides, free dog watching, advair. Books. Pedicures. An oxygen tank. Toiletries. T-shirts. T-P. Root beer and vanilla ice cream, delivered to my front door. A wonderful portrait of Kumo. Edibles. Masks. Hand Sanitizer. Aloe juice. Wipes. Greeting cards. Phone calls. Texts.

In the past two weeks I have been gifted with two beautiful bouquets, a gorgeous alpaca hat from Peru, a pair of air purifiers, scallops, oranges from Florida and a boatload of sushi. Almond oil, Castille soap, an amazing Japanese scrubby thing, and lotion thick as clotted cream. Two tins of bag balm and a passel of white cotton gloves. A chocolate cake, from the cake fairy (guess who had cake for dinner). And tomorrow, a delivery of wine.

What is so very amazing is that I suck at asking for, well, anything. And you have found a way to circumvent that lack. You have, quite simply and elegantly, anticipated my needs.

Just know how incredibly grateful I am. And that I love each and every one of you, so very, very much.