Daily Archives: December 11, 2020

Dating while dying

I said I was done. But the fact that I have paid memberships for several more months (passwords and subscriptions are the bane of my existence, as I can’t recall the former and do not remember to cancel the latter), I’m still in. For what it’s worth. Which, quite frankly, is not a whole hell of a lot these days.

Once upon a time (summer before last) I was meeting new people all the time. I kid you not. One banner week I went on six dates with five different people.

Now I have neither the energy nor the opportunity. Blame cancer and COVID. But I also have plenty of time in which to update my profile. What I don’t get to boast? That I am wicked healthy. Or rich and famous. But I do get to say all this. Which I just did. And now shall share (for your entertainment): PS: Only the serious need apply.

Smart and pretty; looking for same. 

Wildly adventurous although currently in observance of some serious pandemic tamping down. Just you wait. 

I have a big laugh and I like to use it. 

My two most commented upon qualities? Strong and brave.

Yet how I would describe myself? Funny. And fun. 

Artist, writer, activist, mother to three, friend to many.

I advise biotech and pharma companies and am a frequent presenter (pre pandemic) for Harvard Medical School’s Executive Education program.

Recently nominated for a fancy schmancy social club, my initial response was ‘but they will smell the Salvation Army on me.’ I said yes anyway and when the Club opens in the spring, you can join me for a drink.

In my spare time, I am working on a book. And an opera. Stay tuned.

On my wish list? Birthdays, more birthdays. Travel—I want to see as much of this world as I am able. Time with my adult children, a diverse and creative trio. Last year I shipped my aging airstream trailer to Ohio, where my oldest son lives. He is refurbishing it and the goal is to take his mother to Burning Man. Nothing pleases me more than when one of my kids wants to hang with me. 

And you? Open to infinite possibilities. Possessed of fine taste but not bias. Insatiably curious. Kind. Undaunted.

Ready. Willing. And able.