The FDA has given approval to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

I have no reticence regarding a vaccine. The difficult part is going to be waiting until it is more widely available.

In MA, the priority will be health care workers. I was told at my last oncology visit that MA would be allotted 10,000 doses. MGH alone has more than 10.000 employees. When I asked how long I might expect to wait (also high priority, as someone both elderly (!) and with a preexisting condition) the response was six months.

It is going to be a good long while before we get back to anything resembling normal life. In the meantime, it is both weird and gratifying to see everyone in masks. This is an easy and inexpensive way to protect both oneself and others. What is difficult to grasp is that we humans now regard each other as threats.

This concept is in direct conflict with my core beliefs (group hug, y’all?) No misanthrope, I. All people are still my people. Vector potential notwithstanding.

However, in the meantime, I’m getting my introvert on hard. Studio, studio, studio.

I mean, how better to ride out a pandemic than by working one’s ass off. At the moment I am painting, writing, assembling (code for some sort of sculpture), and working on an opera. Seriously.

Living out loud. Mostly alone. And operating under the assumption that this is an opening chapter versus closing act.

I’m just gonna stay busy. But, more importantly, I’m just gonna stay.


2 responses to “Vaccinate

  1. Right there with you Linnea, it really is the only way I can deal with my depression, make Art❤️✊🏽

  2. I would be maybe skeptical about what they told you at Mass General about 6 months.
    I am no longer going to Boston Harvards DFCI for the phase 1 trial I am on since it’s offered closer to my home in Ohio at Nashville Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute. They told me today to expect to be vaccinated soon. Will be very next after healthcare workers. I hope that’s actually true and hope the same for you.

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