Man oh man

It’s probably a good thing I went public with my ode to healthy living or I might be on my way to the liquor store right now.

There is a back up though–weed. I don’t crave it daily so it’s a good alternative. And goddamn I need something to take the edge off.

Those cuts on my fingertips? Magically multiplied. I really wanted to go to the studio today but my hands are in no shape for painting. My skin is breaking out and now my mucous membranes are taking up the chorus. My tongue and gums are lined with sores and my GI tract is none too happy either.

However (and this is pretty flipping important), the past few nights my chest has been quiet. It’s a little too early to call this a trend, but I am so very hopeful.

In the meantime, I’m going to fetch one of my friend Marc’s brownies from the freezer. Blow a kiss to the beautiful flowers from the mystery sender on the way. Slather on some aquaphor while I await the bag balm and white cotton gloves that Nancy just ordered for me.

And keep my fingers crossed that this particular flavor of suffering is not for naught.

2 responses to “Man oh man

  1. I get it. I had my last drink 35 years ago. Nothing takes the edge off like a drink. We just legalized pot here in AZ but the effect is not quite the same. Hangovers are not fun though!!

  2. I have faith in you Linnea✊🏽❤️

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