The light is starting to bother my eyes…

And I figured I’d share my feelings on twitter.

Ha! Didn’t see that coming, did ya. Neither did I–but after nine hours of hanging out in a vinyl recliner with florescent lights so bright you’d think I was being questioned, my gratitude is running thin. They’ve been drawing my blood every two hours all day long (fancy name–pharmacokinetics). It’s like feeding. In an hour and forty five minutes I have my final draw. For today. Back again tomorrow morning.

On my way to the bathroom twenty minutes ago (as much to remind the nurses I was here as to pee), I asked them if being the last person left to leave meant I won a prize. You know, like a trip to Hawaii. Or—now this is brilliant–maybe some free parking.

*Still not depressed but decidedly cranky.


One response to “The light is starting to bother my eyes…

  1. PK testing. Yuck! I feel for you. Hope you don’t have to do anymore.

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