I’m going to be honest. There just haven’t been that many days as of late that have left me breathless. In the best of all possible ways. Today was one of them.

My friend Jim picked me up at 2 pm and we headed to Plum Island Reservation. It was glorious weather. Cool, clear, comfortable. Perfect for a stroll along the beach. We walked and walked, finally coming upon a rather large group of people, all with telephotos drawn. I was initially confused–was this some sort of memorial? There was a lobster pot on the beach with what looked like a cross propped in it. But then I looked closer. All eyes were fixed upon an enormous snowy white owl. Had my photos done it any justice, I would share but this was a you just had to be there moment.

It was a long trek back to the car. As we left the island I looked back over the marsh and the full moon was rising. Two spectacular moments in one day! Damn it felt good to be alive.

Afterward we stopped at Brine, a wonderful oyster bar in Newburyport. Clam chowder and fried oysters with bacon and a soft boiled egg eaten al fresco. The perfect end to a perfect day.


One response to “Glorious

  1. A wonderful day indeed!! Being on a Massachusetts beach (I grew up on Cape Cod) and clam chowder – two of my favorite things!

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