Oddity of the times

I stopped by the residence of my friends Brian and Caroline tonight. They had a gift for me, a pizza compliments of my pals at Phoenix Rising—simply the best wood-fired pie you are ever going to get from a food truck. Now that I am no longer a resident of Lowell, I have to surrender my regular status. But I shall always be a major fan.

Anyway, back to the visit. Brian is one of my best friends, aka my twin. Fortunately for all, I also adore his partner, Caroline. Beautiful, brainy, the best. Obviously, under the circumstances (twinship) nothing less than perfect would be acceptable.

Kumo and I stopped in this afternoon, for a visit and to pick up our pizza. A visit where we all sat around the bar in the kitchen in our masks, which we lowered now and again to have sips from our drinks.

And, I have to say, that it was flipping weird. Now these are two people who I am uber comfortable with. But goddamn, these are strange times.

As much as I love them both (a lot) I also had the sense that we would all be more comfortable once I had departed and the masks could come off.

It is so flipping sad. That said, I am a fan of masks. My brief stay in the hospital demonstrated just how easy it is to actually was to wear one 24/7. Yup, even while sleeping.

Easy and necessary. But not at all natural. I swear to god both my vision and my hearing are impaired while I am wearing a mask. It is as if the deprivation of one sense has compromised them all.

I just hope that compliance (wear the goddamn mask) shall facilitate the means to an end–that before too long we shall get back to that place where we can hug, kiss and smile freely.

One response to “Oddity of the times

  1. When I read this Linnea, other than feeling the same about masks (and Brian & Caroline) what came to mind was Synesthesia, simply, using one sense to describe anther. In many ways we are all living in the realm of “Synesthesia”. I think if identifying someone by their eyes & more importantly their voice. This will end, soon I hope 👈🏼❤️

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