Down the hatch

The deed is done; I’ve had my first dose of both lorlatinib and binimetinib. It was all rather anticlimactic, this fifth trial. Sweet, (got two of my favorite nurses back on board), short and efficient.

Afterward I dropped the cake and birthday presents off to my eldest. We air hugged and I hit the road. Forty five minutes later a quick walk for Kumo, then I stripped off the clothes I wore to the hospital and showered (the ritual), and now I’m enjoying a piece of cake for lunch (Happy Birthday Jemesii!).

In a moment I’m crawling into bed with my heating pad. Hopefully I’ll have a nice nap but not before reciting some magic cancer killing incantations. We’ve got work to do, my body and I. Best get right to it.

8 responses to “Down the hatch

  1. You got this!

  2. Awesome news! You’ve got this! 👊💥💪

  3. I’m so glad you uploaded a picture! You look strong! You go girl! 🙂

  4. I’m very pleased to learn all of this and that you continue to enlist the endless capabilities of your unconscious mind Linnea!✊🏽❤️

  5. Hooray!!!!

  6. Love the tee!! Knock it out of the park.

  7. You look strong and fearless in that photo. It sets the tone for an intense next few weeks. YOU WILL KICK ASS!!!

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