And the goddess concurs

Alice called me today and we went over my scan report as well as my visit with Jessica Lin yesterday.

She is on board with a repeat scan in five weeks and then, almost certainly, a switch in treatment. Binimetinib plus lorlatinib is finishing up phase I so I would be entering at either phase IB or II. Most importantly, it will not preclude me from entrance into the SHP2 plus lorlatinib trial when that begins enrolling.

Her final assessment is that DS-1062a likely slowed down the pace of my cancer. However, given both the difficult side effects and the modest response, she agreed that it makes sense to give something else a go.

Not gonna lie, it’s always a bit scary moving from one treatment to another. And even though I am more than ready, progression is never a good thing.

Today I am totally wiped out but have also been wrapping my head around what is next. Back into the unknown. However, from this moment forward, I am focusing on recovering from yesterday’s infusion. Which is a postive.

Kumo is with his goddess, Susan. She spoiled him with long walks and a roasted turkey breast for dinner. I have been in my pajamas all day long–a rare but much appreciated luxury. My friend Diane came by briefly after her own scans the day before yesterday, and she dropped off a salmon filet which I finished this evening.

Thank the universe for good friends, stellar oncologists, and options.


6 responses to “And the goddess concurs

  1. Love you.

  2. Most certainly Linnea! And your focus, strength and creativity 👈🏼❤️✊🏼

  3. Thinking about you…Appreciate each post you share ♥️ Appreciate YOU

  4. Ok then sounds like a plan. Recover and take care.

  5. You are a goddess of courage . My heart goes with you into the next treatment phase. I’ve been on and off Lorlatinib, returned to alectinib, but tithe Lorlatinib works in the brain- that’s for sure! I speak words of total encouragement that your next treatment regimen/combo does the trick for you!! Love your honest writing style!! Keep it coming. Linda


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