Glancing back but also forward. Scrappiness intact.

I got an email from the co-founder of STAT this morning to announce that they are celebrating their fifth birthday. I didn’t read it but then my friend John Novack got in touch to inform me that I made a brief appearance in their birthday video.

Five years ago, I was featured in a story by Bob Tedeschi on the front page of their inaugural edition. Cool beans. No way could I have predicted that I’d still be here half a decade later.

Funnier yet, just last week I sent an email to STAT—in which I stated that I felt they needed someone to present the patient perspective. And that I knew just the patient who could do that (me).

Well, I’m not on board. Yet. But if the editors of STAT want to get in touch with me, they’ve got my email address.

In the meantime, enjoy this video. And if you don’t blink, you will catch a brief glimpse of moi resplendent in sequins.

Thanks for the screenshot Kirk!


4 responses to “Glancing back but also forward. Scrappiness intact.

  1. Lookin’ glamorous on the video!

  2. You look marvelous in this video 💖

  3. Such a joyful, colourful “moment” you made in the video!!

  4. You look MAHVELOUS!!✊🏽❤️

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