Self less

As in, less of me.

I’m afraid that the isolation of single life in a pandemic has not been particularly conducive to self care. One pays better attention to healthy living when in the company of others. I’m not sure if this has to do with being accountable or if solo-ness is an ongoing version of free-fall.

Yup. Bad habits. Like the dust bunnies under the couch they have been accumulating. Eating shit, not drinking enough of what is good for me (water), drinking too much of what is not (alcohol). Forgoing exercise. Embracing chaos.

Chances are my situation is far from unique. But I’d also hazard a guess that those of us who live alone are far more likely to have gone to seed.

This morning I took a good long look in the mirror. At the bags under my eyes–which would disappear if I skipped my evening cocktail(s), at the extra weight around my middle–attributable to both those cocktails and three bags of Halloween candies (for me, not trick or treaters). A tad bit ashamed, I had a quick little let’s get real chat with myself. It was time to stop overindulging and to get back in the habit of a healthier lifestyle.

I surprised myself by actually feeling encouraged: I could start right now. Yes. That very moment.

One hour and forty five minutes into my fresh mindset, and I am holding strong. Give me a week, and I’ll report on my progress.

And I’d be obliged if you would hold me to it.


6 responses to “Self less

  1. Pat & I had the exact same conversation this morning. I will hold you to it If you hold us to it😍

  2. Yes, “those of us who live alone are far more likely to have gone to seed”! My exercise place is not open to the community, I had plantar fasciitis so wasn’t walking. Unfortunately I love my dark chocolate!

  3. I’ll try!!✊🏽

  4. Julia Kristen Gaynor

    You know me… I attribute so much of my mental state to what I do with and put into my body. Not always good, but I try – and when I fall a bit too off the wagon (not the drinking one lol – that one’s been going strong for 12+ years), I definitely come running back so I can feel that smooth, easy ride that is self care. ❤

  5. Going to seed and sloth! i can relate. I fear I am getting used to just staying home. I have a few Zoom meetings a week and that seems to fill the need to socialize.
    I gave up drinking 35 years ago but during this isolation, Hershey’s Kisses have become a permanent resident.
    I think you are right there with the majority of us. And no end in sight.

  6. Ditto

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