I have a high tolerance for ick-ness. Blame it on a steady diet of space food sticks and Mad Magazine in my youth.

But I do have limits and today I am pushing my luck.

I have been experiencing a low level crappy feeling for days now. My youngest, the designated worrier in our brood, advised a COVID test. However I felt pretty certain that was not the issue.

Today I figured out the source of my malaise, an infection secondary to the mucositis that is also secondary to treatment. I have started an antibiotic which will hopefully set it all to right.

In the meantime I am feeding fire with fire. IE: gross to the grossness.

Caramel corn, two hotdogs (healthied up with diced cucumbers), three glasses of wine and black licorice. Six crackers as a digestif.

Not proud. But sometimes resistance is futile.

Off to the dentist tomorrow morning (clean living) and then maybe I’ll be game for the 94 steps to my studio. And without a doubt I shall eschew all pork and popcorn products.

But grapes? They remain negotiable.

2 responses to “Blech

  1. Well.. you “do” consume “Grapes”👈🏽❤️

  2. Diced cucumbers are well known to counteract processed meats. I’m sure I read that somewhere!

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